IT Solution Design

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Align the design

We design secure solutions to not only meet the requirements of your IT strategy but also to be flexible enough to easily implement future changes. Whatever the size, from a small change to a major upgrade we will create the optimal design within your timescales.

Our technical design authority staff will detail a solution based on a high level plan and discussions and agreements with all technical parties. The high level plan would ideally be the result of a consultancy. A low level technical design document (LLD) will then be produced. The low level design document will detail every element of the design and will explain technical recommendations in great detail.

Hardware, firmware, licencing, security, resilience, future-proofing and management requirements of the solution within your environment are defined. These are factored into the design and detailed with reasoning in the LLD. An implementation plan will be produced to detail the integration & migration of services into your estate.

The final document will include configurations, topologies and all relevant information in order to guide the deployment of your solution.


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