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Thor Enterprise software is a security package containing two products; Thor Vigilance and Thor Foresight that complement each other to provide full proactive and reactive protection.

How does it work?

Thor Foresight works to prevent an infection before it happens by filtering malicious traffic, updating 3rd party applications and identifies computers that may have been compromised, which is reported to a centralised management system.

Thor Vigilance, the reactive product, is a next generation antivirus solution that reacts to infected files. This works with Thor Foresight in dealing with viruses and malware on local machines using a flexible, easy to use centralised management interface with a wide variety of scanning profiles tailored to specific needs.



Reactive Protection

Thor Vigilance scans your local files to detect and stop potential viruses, APTs, exploits, data leakage, ransomware and other advanced online threats. This first layer of protection is an essential part of online security.



Proactive Protection

Thor Foresight scans traffic and prevents attacks that can damage your computer, blocking malware before it infects your computer by preventing infected content reaching your valuable data.



Close Security Loopholes

Did you know that keeping software updated closes 85% of security holes used in cyber-attacks? Foresight automatically update 3rd party applications with no interruptions or restarts required, closing security loopholes.


Heuristic and behaviour-based scanning

Continuous monitoring of processes on your computer find suspicious behaviour detecting code changes and stopping attacks from modifying your data.

Easy to use

Intuitive easy to use graphic user interface with centralised management interface to start protecting and monitoring your devices without confusion.

Manage 3rd party software

Automatically update and install your favourite software securely, conveniently and without hassle.

Next gen multi-layered security Suite

Next-gen Threat Prevention based on machine learning meets a powerful Antivirus with Market-leading detection, so your online security is flawless

Lightweight installation and smooth performance

Quick and easy installation with smooth performance so you can start enjoying improved security straight away without worrying about slowing down your devices.

Firewall integration

Activates Windows Firewall to ensure your network and data remain safe from the most persistent and advanced online threats.


A simple three tier pricing schedule. Entry level bronze package incudes Thor Vigilance software for basic protection only. The silver package also includes Thor Foresight. Both bronze and silver packages are self maintained. Let the experts take control with the gold package, this is the fully managed service. Please contact us for details. The pricing is VAT exclusive.

Please contact us for bulk purchases, a flexible deal can be negotiated.

Bronze package

  • Thor Vigilance anti-virus for endpoint protection
  • Self Installation & configuration

£3 per Month per user

Silver package

  • Thor Vigilance anti-virus for endpoint protection
  • Thor Foresight proactive protection
  • Self Installation & configuration

 £6 per Month per user

Gold package

  • Thor Vigilance anti-virus for endpoint protection
  • Thor Foresight proactive protection
  • Fully managed, we will install, configure and maintain your security solution.

 £15 per Month per user

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