Bolido Networks are a managed network & service supplier and specialise in the design, installation and management of IT solutions, connectivity & solar power equipment.



We have many accredited IT solution experts adept in the operation of all the leading manufacturers equipment and in all areas of voice and data communications.

Our experts are experienced in supplying managed services, connectivity and IT support. All key staff are leaders in their specialist fields.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box, finding solutions to problems is our forte. Being an independent supplier gives us the ability to offer an optimised bespoke service free from any technology or hardware limitations.

We have a focus in London, Leeds, Derby, Exeter and also have a presence in most major data centers and many rural locations off our radio network. We can provide services throughout England and can provide connectivity and virtual services globally.


We have some core principles which we hold close;
  • We embrace new technology and innovations
  • We are honest and transparent with our clients, we keep our clients informed at an appropriate frequency
  • We welcome & act on any feedback in order to positively evolve.
  • We listen to help not just to reply
  • We don’t just say it, we do it.

Young people are the future

Bolido Networks are committed to investing in young people, our mentoring program helps individuals find their strengths and builds on them, developing skills to become specialists in their chosen fields.

We help with career progression and value education, add to that a great working environment our staff evolve with ease.



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