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If you live in a rural location power may be hard to come by at an affordable price.

If you have an unreliable electricity supply power cuts can be annoyingly frequent.

If you have a surplus of solar or wind power being generated you can store that power for later use.

If any of this sounds familiar then you probably already know that you may benefit from an alternative power source or power solution.

We take the time to understand your lifestyle, environment and requirements to design a bespoke solution to fit.

Various elements can be designed into your solution; batteries, generators, solar PV, hydro & wind.


We design, install & maintain power solutions throughout the UK. We also provide a repair service for existing solar power solutions. Bespoke solutions are our speciality, designing and integrating a wide range of systems & technologies.


Due Diligence

We capture the lifestyle & environment data to provide the best possible recommendations .



We provide a high level design & quotation.



We install your solution, integrate any ancillary components/systems & hand over.

A new chapter in solar power

All our solar installations carry the ability to monitor and manage your solution from anywhere in the world. Rest assured your power solution is in tip top condition 24/7.

We can integrate your power solution into any environment, domestic & commercial, on-grid or off-grid.

Just some of the possibilities

We supply systems based on your requirements, rest assured we will recommend the best solution to fit your environment & lifestyle. We can supply the equipment and installation service or you can supply your own equipment and we will just take care of everything else.


Multiple power sources

You can source your power from many supplies – grid, generators, batteries, hydro, wind and solar.


Intelligent systems

Solutions that let you know if there is a problem automatically.


Roof & ground mount

We supply a wide range of mounting solutions for any environment.


Dedicated monitoring

Let us monitor & manage your solution 24/7/365.


Single & 3 phase systems

Whatever the application, business or domestic, we can supply a solution to fit.


24/7 repair service

Problems? We can diagnose and offer advice or repairs to get you back up & running.


Need help with your environment and requirements? Interested in a quote?

Ask us a question and we will give you a call back.