There is only one thing worse than having a problem; Not having the support to resolve the problem.


Need an expert on hand, just in case?


Technical support comes in all shapes and sizes. We understand every environment is unique. Our pool of knowledge is broad enough to offer support regardless of the role of your IT environment or your support requirements.

Flexible, convenient, reliable.


Nationwide Fast Response

Dont get frustrated looking for that gremlin… get even, we’ll come and sort that pesky problem right out! Sometimes a fix can be found remotely meaning an faster fix and a cheaper bill.


Embedded & bespoke staffing

We can provide specialists adhoc or on a per hour/day/week basis. Special arrangements can be made for specific schedule of works. We can even supply staff to embed in your organisation on a long term contract.


Parts Warehousing

We offer deployment/break/fix logistics as part of our managed services

Re-Introducing ‘Oldschool’ decency

We ensure all staff are regularly trained and are qualified in their appropriate field. If we can give you some advice that takes 45 seconds on the phone rather than sending an engineer out then we will, we don’t rip our clients off.


Explore our support packages


Server Support

With our tailored server support services you can rest assured we are on top of your licensing, software & driver patching plus keeping an eye on hardware stability & security. We support environments containing anything from single servers to server farms, physical & virtual. Any hardware, any platform, any OS flavour.


Software & Application Support

We support many server and desktop applications ensuring best performance and user experience. We configure applications according to the best practice aligned with your business needs. We will monitor and maintain application integrity whether it be a cloud based application, a network application or individual applications installed on a server or desktop.



Desktop, BYOD & Peripheral Support

Our experts are on hand to perform installations & changes, maintain and evolve your end user devices in line with your IT strategy. In the case of faults our field engineers can attend and ensure you are back up and running as soon as possible.


Network Support

No problem is a problem for very long with our network engineers around! Ensure your network devices like routers, switches & firewalls are fully maintained 24 hours a day.


Security Support

Your critical databases, software, hardware as well as your end users are fair game in the world of cyber crime. Luckily you can virtually eliminate all threats by taking the correct pro active approach to security. Bolido Networks security support service gives you peace of mind that your data is safe round the clock.


Engineering Support

We can provide specialists in Solar PV on & off grid, UPS systems, single/3 phase power, backup generation systems & bespoke AC/DC commissioning.

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