We’re just around the corner…

Bolido Networks have field engineers throughout the UK. Wherever your business or IT requirement is located you can rest assured we have someone close.




Our field engineers can help with a wide range of IT tasks. Cable patching, software updates, swapping out equipment, change preparation, surveys & information gathering plus many more bespoke duties unique to your operation.

Our field support staff are strategically geographically located to provide the best coverage. Therefore you can rely on the fact they will be there just when you need them. All field support staff are in direct contact with our service desk and all technical support teams ensuring we provide our clients with a fast coordinated response & resolution with minimal business disruption.

We can fully support the roll out of your companies projects, saving you money in recruitment and salaries for engineers only needed for the short term. The same applies to large roll outs or migrations where you may need engineers in many locations simultaneously.


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