Affordably link your business sites

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Need to connect your locations? No problem! We supply a range of point to point & multipoint leased lines via many different technologies in bespoke configurations. Speeds of up to 10Gbps dependent on location.

Specialists in supplying connectivity to awkward locations. At short notice. At a fair price. Nationwide. Short and long term.

Often traditional suppliers charge prohibitive prices to supply connectivity between some rural or isolated locations then make you wait 60 days before anything even happens…Our lead time can be as low as 24 hours
Some suppliers make you sign up for at least a 12 month contract… Not with our ‘Pay as you go’ services! .

Suitable for data and voice services


Fibre Optic, Microwave, Copper

Whatever your requirement we can supply a specification to suit.



For a ‘belt & braces’ approach our backup lines ensure you never lose inter-site connectivity, even when something breaks. Mix mediums for that perfect solution.


Bespoke configurations

Cant find a supplier willing to commit to an unusual configuration? Our layer 2/3 services, MPLS, VPLS & traffic engineering services may be just what you need.

All on-net connections to client premises are monitored 24hours, 365 days a year
Layer 2/3 & bespoke configurations.


WAN & LAN consultancy & design services also available

Get connected fast

Lead times as low as 24 hours.

Unparalleled Affordability

Move more data for less dough. Just check our prices against our rivals.


We provide leased lines as an unmanaged service too….No bells or whistles


All our connectivity solutions are monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Engineers on hand

Our engineers can be deployed to attend faults at a moments notice 24 hours a day.

Services up to 10Gbps

Data center connections up to 10Gbps. Rural microwave/wifi 1Gbps maximum.

Bespoke configurations

Have a unique requirement other suppliers wont touch with a barge pole? No sweat for Bolido.

Migration & Integration service

Our network experts will help you go live with minimal downtime or risk to any existing infrastructure


With a secondary connection you don’t have to worry about a failure bringing everything to a halt.

No interference

All our leased lines are secure & uncontended. No need to worry about traffic being blocked or causing your solution issues

Customer Service

Friendly, approachable, proactive, dedicated. We’re here to help and love what we do.

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