Although solar power systems are pretty reliable, sometimes problems occur which can be costly to repair – On the flip side sometimes these failures can be resolved in minutes…If you know how!

So How do you even know if you have a problem?  There are a few ways to tell if your system is not functioning as well as it could or has even stopped completely.

  • Your PV generation meter has stopped incrementing or is permanently off with nothing showing on the screen
  • Your FIT return for the last period was substantially smaller than the previous year, maybe even nil
  • Your inverter is showing a warning light or an error on the screen
  • Your electricity bill has vastly increased
  • The system keeps tripping the circuit breakers
  • Your monitoring software has alerted you to a solar problem


We have put together a series of steps to help you try to rectify some of the more common issues found in Solar PV systems, both in the home and business.

If you do think you have a problem, the first thing to do is check the time, remember after the sun goes down the solar panels will produce next to no power and the whole PV system including the PV generation meter will probably be off. If you are reading this at 1pm then its fair to say you definitely should be producing power.

STEP 1    Check the PV generation meter is powered up and showing a value on the screen

If not then that suggests the inverter is not generating any power, go to step 2

If you are seeing a value but it is not incrementing then that also suggests the inverter is faulty, go to step 2

**Be careful that you check the correct meter, you should have one for the mains supply into your house and one for your solar PV system**


STEP 2   Check RCD and circuit breakers have not tripped

Find where your PV system connects back into your house and check the RCD and any other circuit breakers.

All should be active and showing green/be facing in the up position. If so go to step 3.

If any have tripped try to reactivate it by switching the RCD/Circuit breaker back to the upward/green position. It should stay in place. If not and you find it just trips again go to step 5

STEP 3    Check the inverter

Is the inverter showing any errors? If so please note down the error code and go to step 4

Is the inverter showing signs of life (you may have to tap the screen or a button)?

If not, check the connectors that plug into the inverter are not loose, still no life? Go to step 5.


STEP 4    Reboot inverter

Find your AC isolator (usually the red one) and switch it to the ‘off’ position, next locate the DC isolator(s) and switch each one to the ‘off’ position.

Once the inverter is powered off and the screen has gone blank wait 30-60 seconds and follow the above procedure in reverse.

You have now reset your inverter and should see it start to produce power within a few minutes. If the error is still present go to step 5


STEP 5    Grab  a pen & paper

You’ve now run out of things that you can tackle yourself, its time to make some notes of your problem.

Record any of the troubleshooting you have done, including any error codes from all equipment. Photos are always good way to show us your problem too.

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Just some of the problems you may see


RIso Errors

This means there is low insulation resistance and suggests the DC cabling and/or connectors are faulty.



ABS/Aurora Power One inverters suffer from this common failure of the internal relays.


Birds nesting & pecking cables

We find all sorts nesting under those solar panels!


Disturbance Vac Bfr Error

SMA inverter with an AC coupling problem, sometimes an easy fix, sometimes replacement.


Single & 3 phase systems

Whatever the application, business or domestic, large or small, we can fix it.


No Grid

This suggests the inverter has either failed internally or that it has lost its connection to the mains supply in your property.


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